Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium 90 ML Edp Жінки Духи (Оригінал)


Жінки Most Loved Оригінальні парфуми пакет

Yves Saint Laurent Libre 100 ML Edp Жінки Духи (Оригінальні парфуми)

Виробник: Yves Saint Laurent
1435грн 2871грн
Libre Духи by Yves Saint Laurent, Reach new levels of freedom i tranquility when you splash on Libre, a provocative Жінки's fragrance. This mysterious Духи combines citrus, floral i aromatic accords for a fully dynamic i intriguing aroma that's bound to attract attention whenever you enter a room. Top notes of black currant, petitgrain, soothing lavender i mandarin orange open the scent with a burst of refreshing zest. Meanwhile, middle notes of more relaxing lavender, along with night-blooming jasmine i orange blossom, intertwine to balance the earlier intensity with a delightfully soft i chic bouquet. Finally, base notes of salty ambergris, musk, cedar i Madagascar vanilla work together in harmony to complete the fragrance, creating a sophisticated i charming aroma one feels confident i sexy wearing with any late-night ensemble.

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