Moresque Tamima 50 ML Унісекс Духи (Оригінальні духи тестера)


By Kilian Smoke For The Soul For Жінки i Чоловіки 50 ML (Оригінальні духи тестера)

The House of Oud Almond Harmony 75 ML Унісекс Духи (Оригінальні парфуми)

Виробник: The House Of Oud
1109грн 2218грн

The House of Oud - Klem Garden - Almond Harmony

Jordan almonds in a range of pastel blues i pinks, how pretty! The first frost tenderizes the almond tree, coaxing its hard green fruit into ripeness. The warm sun rays of spring thaw the blossoms i the milky green almonds become heavy. The air in the orchard hums with the zest of freshly picked bergamots i our fingers reek of petitgrain from the waxy green leaves. Life slowly but surely floods back into the citrus grove, touching the almond tree with its fingers i sparking it into dropping its creamy, nutty load. A bright floral heart of iris, jasmine, heliotrope, ylang-ylang i rose makes us think of pastilles i rose-scented sweets, given an unctuous, sultry depth by the almonds, tonka bean, i vanilla. Peru i tolu balsam give a pulsating, vanillic vibe to the base, slicking it with cinnamon-tinted resins i leather. A frothy, innocent delight - perfect for a special occasion when you need to feel positively angelic.

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