Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison 100 ML Edp Жінки Духи (Оригінальні парфуми)


Christian Dior Найкраще Selling Жінки Оригінальні парфуми пакет

Christian Dior Miss Dior Chery 100 ML Edt Жінки Духи (Оригінальні парфуми)

Виробник: Christian Dior
1639грн 3279грн
Miss Dior (Miss Dior Cherie) Духи by Christian Dior, Miss Dior (Miss Dior Cherie), released in 2005, is a new take on an old classic. This youthful fragrance targets the young woman who refuses to compromise her femininity. Young i precocious, with the looks i style to match her outgoing nature, today’s modern, young adult woman doesn’t need anyone to tell her she’s amazing. Whether she’s outdoors in the spring or rocking the day inside in the winter, this moderate sillage and long-lasting fragrance ensure she has the stamina to keep up with whatever her day brings. The top notes of this delightful fragrance are strawberry, cherry, pineapple i Mandarin orange. The middle notes feature popcorn, caramel, violet, rose i jasmine. The base notes include amber, patchouli i musk.

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